Summer Recap 2019 – Part One

Summer as always, is a busy season for Wekfest as we put together four events within the span of two months. Respectively, each of these events are unique in their own distinctive ways. For example, San Jose is considered our ultimate gathering, where the energy and response is unparalleled due to the fact that it is considered our “home show”. Seattle, on the other hand, feature builds that have more subtle modifications, but yet are just as functional and ascetically pleasing to see.

Wekfest San Jose also marked our 11th year in the Bay Area. Our focus this time around is to further establish our brand’s presence by offering an enhanced experience for our visitors. A new booth was built for this occasion that conceptualized an actual retail space. We made a few changes to the scheduling to provide extra time for visitors and exhibitors to engage during the event. For our pre-sale ticket holders, we provided packages that was carefully selected and produced to reflect our brand’s updated course. As for our official models, we carefully selected individuals who we thought align with the brand’s reputation. In all, the details to this event is nothing short of a product from our 11 years of experience.

In Seattle, we remained focused on seeding the community by providing an event that align with their preferences. The concept was simple and original to the Wekfest message: Keep it straightforward, provide a place for fellow enthusiasts to convene and filter out unnecessary theatrics or short living trends. The Pacific Northwest by our estimation, have a great community that is mostly unbothered by false novelty. We are here to simply keep this very approach moving forward without disruption.

Check out some of the photos we captured below. If you want more coverage, see some of the following websites for great Wekfest content:

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Part two is up next with a recap of Wekfest Los Angeles and Wekfest East. Stay tuned.

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