Wekfest Chicago 2019

The 2019 tour continues following our trip from Japan in Chicago. This was quite a hectic turnaround as we only had a week a half in between the two events. Nevertheless, the crew did manage to make it out to the Windy City and we could not be happier with the turnout.

This year’s event saw our continued partnership with JDM Chicago. Ginash and the crew at JDMC is almost like our ambassadors out there who is always willing to vouch for us to the rest of the community. We also got a chance to work with the great crew from Final Bout. If you haven’t heard already, Final Bout is probably one of the most exciting grassroots drift events in the country, and it’s definitely a sight to check out. They brought out a wide array of battle tested machines, including their newly acquired trio of legends from Sexy Knights Japan.

There were also a good mix of new and regular faces. This indicates that while there is consistency, a new breed of enthusiasts is also on the rise to giving our event a chance. In addition, the mix of import and euro ratio is beginning to even out. This is good news as we always saw the need in seeing a better variety at the events outside of our home state of California.

Overall the atmosphere in the mid-west has always given us a positive reception. There are a lot of individuals out there who are looking for an outlet to convene and I feel like we have provided our small contribution to that need. Needless to say, Chicago is a consistent tour stop we look into expanding for years to come.




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