A re-occurring thing that tends to come up in our company group chat is the barrage of videos that keep us up into the wee hours of the morning. Even as a little kid, I would stay up and sneak comic books into my bed with a small flash light and read from cover to cover. ( There was a time before you could surf the internet all night ). So naturally with my insomniac ways, they have carried into adulthood. The flashlight and a bedtime are things of the past but me staying up late is something that is here to stay.

As a kid, movies have always been an inspiration and a  passion, I even worked at Blockbuster Video for a couple years. With the free rental, some good smoke, and some Red Vines, I would be posted for hours. Check out some of my favorite trailers, videos, and tales of the wonderful world of Youtube.

Free 21, Was he targeted?

Peter Shue – Hustler, Promoter, and Madonna set him up with the FEDS

Sad to hear of it’s cancellation. Jon Bernthal was an amazing Punisher.

The Chronicles : Hawaii 2019

Meyhem Lauren, Enough Said.

China Mac spits the truth of what happens when you are trying to be about that street life.

I’m glad action movies are making it’s way back.

Polar : I watched it on the plane, I don’t recommend watching it in public like that.

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