Autofashion USA’s VIPFest 12

The late Fall season of the year could be jam packed with events scheduled back to back after every weekend. SEMA, being the biggest one of all, takes up almost an entire week in Las Vegas, and this is after Year 10 by The Chronicles, and proceeded by one event that I never try to miss: Autofashion USA’s VIP Fest in San Diego.

Freddie Fernandez and the entire crew at Autofashion have held this gathering consecutively for the last 12 years. While mostly catering to VIP themed platforms, you will find an array of fine builds hailing from Southern California. As of late, we have also seen a fluctuation of exhibitors from SEMA attending the event.

Autofashion have been connected to Wekfest since day one. Their underlying backing of our events has helped us tie into a closer bond with the industry. Freddie is one of the most genuine people I know. His loyalty and willingness to help others is a rare feat and that is probably why VIP Fest has been such a success. People respect and love what Autofashion stands for and are always willing to advocate their cause.

This year’s event was held at Greenflash Brewery, specifically in the Mira Mesa neighborhood of San Diego. What I like about the event is that it has a simplistic approach just to draw everyone together for a relaxing afternoon. With a reputable name like Autofashion, this event brought out a lot of great cars. As you will see below, this simple occasion can turn into quite a decorated function.



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