The Chronicles / Year Ten

As many of you may know, this year we celebrated our ten year anniversary at Wekfest. Coincidentally, Joey Lee and The Chronicles shares the same birthday as we do. Every year, Joey puts together an event at the Eibach Headquarters in Corona, CA the weekend prior to SEMA. Being that this year’s event coincided with a special occasion, it was filled with a new energy and anticipation. To say the least, Year Ten did not disappoint.

Joey is a close personal friend to myself and the entire Wekfest crew. He is one of the main judges on the Wekfest tour and is a well accredited expert in telling stories. Ten years ago, he would start The Chronicles and his very first documentation of automotive media was at the inaugural Wekfest event in San Francisco. As time went along, Joey honed his skills in both photography and a unique style of writing. The combination of his expertise of automotive knowledge and unfiltered opinion gave Joey respect all across our scene.

What I respect most about Joey is his relentless effort in sticking to his own script. He never gave up on The Chronicles and the success of the brand today is a true reflection of his underlying dedication to his craft. Ten years is a long time to do anything. To work on a project that long takes patience to see things through, and not give up when times are hard.

If you need a reference of almost anything car related within our scene, you can most likely find it on his website. That’s how much work he has put in over time.

Through the years, we have had a lot of memorable journeys together and I hope that this relationship continues forward. On behalf of everyone of your supporters, thank you for the great time thus far and here is to ten more years and beyond.


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