Event Coverage: Wekfest Texas 2018 (Part One)

After the conclusion of Wekfest East in August, the Wekfest tour was finally at a brief rest as we had hosted six events in the span of three months. This time really allowed the group the time to readjust to normal life at home, but as always, we were as eager to get back out to our travels in what is a majority favorite: Houston, Texas.

Our relationship with Texas goes way back into the third year of the Wekfest tour. We had done our initial event in Fort Worth/Dallas, a second in Austin, and finally decided to lay our foundation in Houston. Why Houston? We find that the city is easy access for the nearby states and cities to get into, and the community out there had embraced us with nothing but support from day one. In a blink of an eye, 2018 would become our 5th Houston show.

This year we made the decision to return to George R. Brown Convention Center, as it is the consensus choice of venue to use. As some of you may remember from last year, we had the unfortunate event of the hurricane hitting the city at the same time of our proposed date. This disaster led us to postpone the event. Nevertheless, the people of Houston came out as they always did and showed us the true meaning of southern hospitality. Going into this year’s event, I think we expected nothing less from the kind people of this state.

Part two will be soon published with coverage of the actual show, stay tuned.



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