The other night when my girl was getting home after a 12 hour shift she started to ask me what I did all day. At that point, I really didn’t have an answer, I go through tons of projects, meetings, emails, and planning future events that it is hard for me to answer this question. For some reason, it just caught me off guard. I’m always busy but sometimes my biggest enemy is Youtube. If you have ever been down the “rabbithole” of endless streaming videos that keep going, 5 in the morning can come quick. This happens at least once of week, so instead of fighting the inevitable, I want to share all of my finds with the world. Take a look of what keeps me up in the crib till the wee hours of the morning.

Sicko Mode. The Astroworld album is one of favorite albums of this year. This song is also special to me because of having an incredible time in Las Vegas while requesting the DJ to play it like 3 times led to an all nighter. This song has the perfect amounts of energy to pop bottles too. So if I ever fought professionally, played in the NBA, or was a wrestler in the WWE this would be my entrance music.

Mid 90’s. A coming of age story directed by Jonah Hill showcases a great period piece channeling the era I grew up in. The trailer got me super hyped because it reminded me of an updated version of Larry Clark’s masterpiece as well as Supreme ad, “Kids.” I hope this movie is as good as the trailer is. With A24 behind it, I’m sure it will be critically acclaimed. (A24 films is responsible for Moonlight.)

No Stylist. Just a good song with French Montana. I especially liked the quotable, “Yeah, keepin’ it G, I told her “don’t wear no 350s ‘round me” Such a great line as Drake has been speaking very candid about how he feels towards Kanye West as of recent.

Richardson. Earlier this week Joey (The Chronicles)  was telling us how Kim Kardashian posed nude for Richardson magazine. I was blown away by this because you have to ask yourself, how much did they pay for that? I don’t think this was a money thing but I truly believe she trusted the photographer and really trusted his vision. You be the judge. Check out the interview. Also follow them on instagram. Richardson Magazine 


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