Wekfest Car Club F/W Campaign with Victoria Nguyen

As Summer draws to an end, the arrival of Fall embodies the season of change. For many enthusiasts, change begins in the garage, where a vision is revolutionized into a reality.

These sacred grounds are where an idea begin, and transform through the process of imagination.

For F/W 2018, Wekfest Car Club uses this symbolic setting as our subject. The youthful colors and pattern in our hoodies represent ones inner desire to make a bold statement, where individualism define the artistry of automotive customization.

Inspiration behind the t-shirt is dedicated to our upcoming event, Wekfest Texas. The Lone Star State has always been one of our tour’s most consistent site for both qualified builds and genuine individuals. The motto, “Texas Reigns Supreme” is a direct homage to this community, for their relentless effort to create a true union by the way of southern hospitality. These pieces are shown by official Wekfest Texas model, Victoria Nguyen.

This collection is available online via wekfestcarclub.com starting October 5th, and in person at Wekfest Texas on October 14th, at George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX. Click here for official event details.















Photography: Joey Lee

Model: Victoria Nguyen

Curator: Kenneth Li 

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