Purists will hate it, enthusiasts will be overjoyed to see something like this pop up on their feed. Whatever your opinion is about this Testarossa, it did unmistakably caught your attention.


I get it, there’s a balance of power when it comes to doing something cool, but preserving it for its functionality. What I respect the most of of Kazuki’s build is the boldness. Go beyond the boundaries of social norms and do what you want.


In my opinion, all cars, in any shape or form, price tag or cultural significance, can be modified to a certain degree. In this example, Kazuki has done just enough. Not messing with the original body lines, with true OEM plus ascetics. Let the car do the talking.





We see too many builds these days where the sole purpose is attention. Add as much accessory as possible to get a look, yet there’s no personality. I don’t feel that way when I look at this red pony. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.



Event: Wekfest Japan 2017



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