Gucci Partners with Legend Dapper Dan

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This is met with great controversy because the same guys that sued him are now partnering with him. If you have ever watched movies such as,¬†Paid in Full¬†which highlighted the crack epidemic in the 1980’s, you know there was tons of money being made. Dapper Dan supplied what the hood called knock-ups because they were too luxurious to be called knock-offs. He would take Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, MCM fabrics and make jackets and custom clothes out of them. In 1988, the legendary Mike Tyson got in a huge fight in his store and the tabloids flew, and then so did the lawsuits as the fashion world caught wind with such new publicity. These lawsuits crippled him financially and ultimately put him out of business.

The same exact jacket surfaced on a Gucci runway that was once frowned upon and this sparked so many people to criticize the big wigs that shut Dapper Dan down years ago. The new collection will highlight the impact of Dapper Dan and how Hip Hop impacted the high-end fashion world. Stay tuned. Check out this piece to give you background on what Dapper Dan did for fashion as well as Harlem

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