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A good friend of mine was starting to really get into podcasts and turned me onto Short Story Long. (Shout out Antron) I never thought that Drama of Young and Reckless would be the guy to spark my interest and get me into other podcasts and get me listening to different accounts and walks of life daily. For myself, Drama was also portrayed as that little brother type in the MTV era. I also thought that his brand was just a social experiment grown out of the Fantasy Factory. But with this podcast, you really hear the true personality of Drama and it is good to hear his voice and his thinking. I’ve always respected him but I feel like he is starting to come into his own identity. He is a really good interviewer and knows how to push the story along.

When people ask me what am I listening too, what documentaries am I watching, what are you reading, I always refer them to this very episode. Kevion Stirdivant who is now a real estate mogul was the guy that really got me hooked. I remember years ago back when I owned a brand with a bunch of guys, Kevion would have this conference call that you dialed into and they would talk about staying motivated and staying inspired for your team. At the time, I thought it was great because as a young business owner things seemed overwhelming. Kevion also assisted in the success of LRG while life coaching the late Jonas. The story is inspiring and I believe is a great stepping stone into finding what keeps you motivated as they touch on goal setting etc.

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