The Wekfest Decade in Motion tour kicked off in Honolulu last week, at Neal Blaisdell Center.

This annual event is the host of some of Hawaii’s most dedicated builds. Every Wekfest destination has its unique flair and style, and this one was no different. There were surprisingly a lot of new participants, which is a good sign for our community.

DSC01644The other highlight about this particular event is the amount of variation you find. Most notably, there are a lot of aftermarket and oem+ inspired trucks on site.

DSC01639On another note, it’s nice to see more exotics seeking further customization. Not that there is anything wrong with preserving these amazing machines in stock form, but the idea of variation, in my opinion, creates balance.



DSC01708The folks from Old School Imports Hawaii making final touches.

DSC01737Perhaps my favorite from the show. This restored Landcruiser was the recipient of the newly introduced, Restomod Award.

DSC01743.jpgNisno – Look it up.




DSC01851Rep your clique.



DSC01829This is Scott’s Accord. Long time supporter of Wekfest but also world renown masubi maker.

DSC01733.jpgA familiar face on the island.



DSC01684The Airrex Prius equipped with Mode Parfume Phantom Ga-Mu kit.

DSC01738NSX with Tommy Kaira kit.






Really liked this combo. It’s nothing flashy, but it’s easy on the eyes. Mag blue CE’s is always the right choice.

DSC01781.jpgOpen to all genres.

DSC01878The present, and the future.




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