Air Max 95 neon get March release date

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Last year or maybe the year before, Nike had lost a lot of steam or so we thought. Nike losing execs fleeing for Adidas. The launch of the Boosts and a lot of other wins with the pairing of rapper help and fashion icons Kanye West, Pharrell, amongst others, Nike was thought to be in trouble. But in actuality they were just refocusing and came back with vengeance coming back with the resurgence of the NBA contract and pairing with Virgil Abloh, Travis Scott, and the anticipation of Fear of God joining the roster.

For myself, Nike Running is where my heart has always resided. With all the cool stuff coming out, this is the pair of shoes that I get excited for. These Air Max 95’s was the shoe that I fell in love with in the 6th grade when it made its debut. At the time, $100 price tag was not in the cards but I somehow had traded to get a pair. They drop March 2nd and I’m getting two pairs to stay stocked up…


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